What We Do

Echelon is the emerging professionals arm of The Salvation Army.  We are a community of 500+ active members  who are serious about having fun while Doing the Most Good for the DFW community.  Whether we are serving , attending one of our social events , or raising money , you will find Echelon is a connected community full of people who are making a difference by serving the less fortunate in the DFW community. 

What are you waiting for? Join one of DFWs largest emerging professionals groups, Echelon, today! 


Since Echelons was established in 2010, we have had one goal: to mobilize the next generation to support the work of the SA locally and globally. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we do this by partnering with a variety of existing SA ministries that are already effectively serving the needs of these communities. As a member of Echelon, all the money and volunteer hours you give go toward 3 things: 

Echelon fosters a membership community by hosting fun, interesting social events that mobilize and inspire the next generation of SA supporters

Echelon partners with existing SA ministries who are already effectively meeting the needs of the least of these in DFW.

Echelon acts as an Angel Investor providing seed funding to the newest and most innovative ministries of the SA

We host social and service events for emerging professionals in the DFW area to build momentum and raise awareness of the amazing work the SA is doing in our community and around the world. We have developed a membership program that raises money for local SA ministries and creates buy in from the next generation of SA supporters.

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Rather than re-inventing the wheel, we seek to empower and multiply the effectiveness of existing SA ministries. Each year we donate a significant portion of the funds we raise to SA ministries with unmet funding needs. The flexibility of our funding, and our innovative thinking can take great ministries to the next level. Whether we are buying school busses or funding an addiction treatment center, we seek to be force multipliers for ministries that are stable and effective in their work.

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As the needs of our community continue to abound, so do new opportunities to serve. These needs are often in the darkest and least-served recesses of our community, where funding can be difficult to secure. Echelon is able to step in at this early stage to provide the seed funding needed to get these new ministries off the ground. Once stable, regional and national SA chapters take over the funding and support needs.

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